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How Infinity A Grade’s Refurbished Phone Business Is Contributing To The Circular Economy

What Is Circular Economy 

Infinity A Grade’s core operating principles reflect the ideals of the circular economy. Its business activities focus on closing the circle through collection and recycling. Infinity A Grade continues to optimize these two processes not only to maximize its own profits and long-term viability as a business, but also to establish a new high water mark for future standardization of industry practices to facilitate transactions and supply chain flow. Ultimately, Infinity A Grade is making bold strides toward reducing e-waste to a minimum.  

image 1: Infinity A Grade’s Role in Circular Economy.

Infinity A Grade’s commitment to value added to the circular economy encompases phone security, functionality, and aesthetics. When we give an old phone a second life, we not only securely erase the previous owner’s data but also ensure that the phone looks as good and works as well as when it was new.

As part of the circular economy, Infinity A Grade engages in these activities to help close the circularity loop:

image 2: Infinity A Grade’s Role in Circular Economy.

image 3: Infinity A Grade’s Role in Circular Economy.

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