Infinity A Grade

A+ Solution

Supply of Refurbished Devices

We specialise in supplying refurbished (like-new) and used mobile devices to global sellers & platforms, focusing on Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone and Google Pixel series. Shipping over 15,000 phones a month, we have a rich variety of devices to serve your needs. 

Customised Supply Solutions

We understand the complexities of gradings & markets of refurbished or used devices, we offer customised supply solutions providing flexibility in device specifications and costs tailored to your needs.

Testing & Grading Service

With our self-owned R&D testing system, used mobile devices are tested thoroughly to ensure they are 100% functional before delivery. This service highly reduces your cost of return and customer servicing.

You can get a clear picture of grading standards of our tested phones. They ensure accuracy of your product listings to fulfil your customer’s expectations well.

Refurbish & Repair Service

We strive in providing high quality processing standards on used mobile devices by our professional technicians. Best-fit solutions are always applied to repair & refurbish mobile devices into like-new condition.

Every mobile device we process is fully functional for certain; accurately graded and truly ready for sale.