Infinity A Grade

A+ Solution

Supply of Pre-Owned Phones

We specialise in supplying high quality used and refurbished Apple, Samsung & Google devices. Our supply chain processes >15,000 devices per month with under 3% return rates. You may find more information about our quality and gradings here.

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Testing & Grading

With our self-owned R&D testing system, used mobile devices are tested thoroughly and ensured 100% functional before delivery. It would highly reduce your cost of return and customer service.

You can get a clear picture of the different grading standards of our tested phone. It will ensure the accuracy of your listing and be able to well-manage your customer’s expectations.

Refurbish & Repair

Our high quality and processing standards on used mobile devices along with our professional technicians will identify the best-fit solution to repair/refurbish the mobile devices into like-new condition.

Every mobile device is ensured to be fully functional, accurately graded and truly ready for sale.