Infinity A Grade

Our Grading System for Samsung –What Are the Differences Between Grades?

Infinity A Grade provides refurbished Samsung phones that:

  • Work flawlessly
  • No data from previous customers
  • Professional checked and cleaned
  • 90 days warranty

These refurbished phones are classified according to the following scale:

A+ Grade: 95-99% (Like New)

◑ Best cosmetic quality

◑ Very minor defects in the appearance 

◑ Less than 5 scratches in each panel

A Grade: 90-94% (Very Well)

◑ Second-best cosmetic quality

◑ 1 mm dent acceptable

◑ Several scratches and paint peels on the overall body

B Grade: 80-89% (Good)

◑ Fair quality

◑ Less than 10 major defects

◑ Several obvious scratches/paint peels

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